2001 Freedom Skate - A Skate Odyssey...

or "How To Do The Full Monty In The Rain"

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So as the story goes, after drying off and re-oiling our bearings and wetting down our throats with multiple Coronas we head down to the restaurant for a bite before the evening skate. As we eat the weather outside does a it's best Diana Ross impersonation; a quick change every 10 minutes. First it's sunny, than blowing a gale, then cloudy with patches of blue, until it looks like a clearing sky is the winner. So we dress, get on the busses taking us out of town, and that is where our story picks up...
Getting to the drop sight, we sit and wait as Rick Short tries to figure out what to do about all the rain coming down.
Yes that's rain, and sunshine together. One is good for newly oiled bearings, one bad.
Bad Bob Montys Up
Taking matters into his own... uh, helmet, Bad Bob decides the only thing that can be done is to head out into the rain and demonstrate how we Americans execute the Full Monty.
A rain soaked street, yet Chicago proudly flies it's colors.
Bad Bob himself, with an alternate use for his helmet.
A steep downhill on wet pavement.
Bit of a damp Phil in Philly
Philly01_47a.jpg Bobarazzi caught deep in thought.
The rain stopped, in fact the rain was so localized that a half-mile into the skate the streets were dry. The photos to the right show some of the beautiful countryside surrounding Philly. We eventually make our way down to the level of the river. philly01_48.jpg
The view from Suicide Bridge. From here you can guess that the evening skate is a blast with it being mainly a downhill run.
Nobody jumped
philly01_49.jpg Tom sporting his Chicago shirt that he so graciously designed. Thanks Tom.
Skaters pulling into a water stop.
philly01_51.jpg Dido that. philly01_52.jpg
D.C. WAR skaters, with friend-of-Chicago-Emily.
philly01_53.jpg Hanging out in the light of the coming sunset.
Laying five on the locals.
philly01_55.jpg Skate patroller keeping us in our lanes. philly01_57.jpg
Chicago colors from behind.
The bug patroller
Sunday morning after the bagel breakfast
Philly01_60b.jpg Where was this picture taken? Philly01_60c.jpg
More fountain spinning.
Chicago needs more fountains, this is fun.
The after the skate party, with lunch, drinks, music and dancing.
Thanks to Phil for adding some of his pix to this site. Thanks to Philadelphia's Landskaters, the Philadephia police department, and National Skate Patrol for putting so much time and energy into making this party such a huge success.

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