Eddy Matzger's Access to Speed Workshop, June 2001

Day 2 -- Singing a Sweeter Song

Return to that first tough day: Saturday

Day two begins much like the previous day. Only now we know each other's faces, some names, what we look like with and without helmets on. The big difference is in the legs, they're sore and a bit stiff, the yoga helps, but the only real cure is to get back skating. eddy_41a.jpg The boys just want to be with the boys... eddy_43.jpg
and the girls just want to be with the girls.
Mr. Matzger gives those of us experiencing frustration a pep talk after hamming it up for the camera.
eddy_48.jpg eddy_50.jpg

Crazy eights; chasin' each other down while alternating crossovers. Speaking of graceful crossovers!!

Road Rally time on the eights. While crisscrossing your crossovers, watch out for traffic crossing your criss's!!
Notice how these shots look more like...

skating is going on then most skating shots you see.

This is fun!!
More practice heel carving.
Give those men skates for their hands and it'll be a real rave.
Let's see Eddy double push his way out of this one.
A return to the Blues Fest and the summer sun.
No way I'm commenting on that team logo
Walking the tightrope pulling Eddy in power stop position.
eddy_66.jpg Ape skating. Yes you too can slap your palms on the ground as you skate.
Look at that leg extension!!
eddy_68.jpg Getting ready to race after a quick course in pack mentality eddy_69.jpg Team Salomon? Really? eddy_72.jpg
The TwinCam team pulling their way to victory. We'll work on form next year.
HEY, it's my web site I can gloat
The final standings.
eddy_76.jpg Bobarazzi takes off on individual time trials eddy_79.jpg Stacie showing pro form.
eddy_80.jpg Crossing the finish line with everything she's got. eddy_81.jpg
Any more energy anybody?
Now that's a jump.
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