A Tale of Two Elkharts

The Great Race Half Marathon, Elkhart, IN
May 29, 2006

See also: Elkhart Lake, WI
June 2, 2006

Why is it that I always forget that this is a hill course? Well those hills made themselves known to me all too quickly on a sunny, but hot morning. This event keeps getting better, with a strong showing of skaters last year the race organizers were able to convince the county to repave, not patch, some of the roughest spots on the course. The result is great skating throughout, give or take a view spots of what they call in Georgia, gatorback. For eight Rainbo members and a number of other skaters, this was the third race in as many days, what with the Detroit marathon on Saturday, a Great Race 10K in Elkhart on Sunday and this half marathon on Monday, Memorial Day. WOW! (Yes many of those triple-header skaters came in well ahead of my well-rested legs.)

Race photos by: Kathy Miller; thanks doll. Fantastic effort by: Team Rainbo and a host of others.


























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