These are the tongue dragin' adventures of one really thirsty dog!


Athens to Atlanta, 86 Mile Roadskate 1998

Athens to Atlanta Oct 1998

Philly Landskaters take on Good Bob/Bad Bob
San Diego, Jan 1999

Easter Sunday in DC, 1999

My wonderfully comfortable TR-9's The Summer of
'99 brought to you
by Salomon Skates

Thanks to Ken at Londo for the really cool shirts this year!
Wednesday Nights In Chicago
Wednesday Nights (Tuesday's also) in Chicago

City Sweats
A Whole New Type of

Skate Night
Thursday Nights In Chicago

Wow! What a great weekend!
The '99 Philadelphia Freedom Skate

Artwork and route by Tom Grosspietsch
Chicago Road Raves
First Fridays 7:30

L.A.T.E. Ride (Skate)
1:30 am - 5:30 am July 11, 1999

Sept 18, 1999
Never Look Uppe at the Hangge Upppe!
Pot Luck of the Century

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